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Being a public adjuster is a lucrative option for many. However, becoming a claims adjuster requires you to pass the claims adjuster exam for each state that you wish to work as an adjuster in. If you’re serious about making a great career in the claims adjusting industry, then you have a lot of exams coming your way.

Today we share some of the best tips to ace your claims adjusting exam:

Acing the claims adjuster exam is all about practice. It is essential that you practice well in advance for the test. This can be done by taking practice tests. When you enroll in the Delta Public Adjuster Exam Prep Class you will participate in many claims adjusting practice tests. In order to make the most of your practice exam, attempt them in sessions of 20 mins each. After each session, take a short 5 min break and walk around to refresh yourself. Doing this consistently will help you increase your speed and accuracy.

Be familiar with all the topics

While preparing for the exam, make sure to go over each and every topic that is in the syllabus. As a claims adjuster, you will eventually specialize in a certain area but during your preparation, you must cover all the important topics that might be asked in the exam.

One of the best ways to really know if you’ve understood everything about a topic is to teach it to someone. If you’re able to make someone else understand what you’ve learned, then you can be sure that you have really understood the topic. Getting your friends and family to be your pupils and teaching them the course is the best way to assess your own grasp on everything.

Contact your network and learn from them

Your peers and colleagues are a great resource to learn from. If you’re giving adjuster licensing exams for different states then you could always tap into your network and find out people who already hold a license from that state. This will help you to understand the exam better and how to approach it the best way.

The Takeaway

The public adjusting exams can be challenging if not prepared for. So make sure that you keep all these pointers in mind and stick to a schedule in order to ace this test. With determination and the right approach, you can easily pass the exam with flying colors. Our instructor Del Beard is the best in the business for teaching and helping students pass the exam on their first try! To register please visit

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