Mr. Beard is the only instructor in the United States who has helped more than 300 people pass their Illinois Public Adjuster license exam — over 90 % of them on the first try!

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“Why Enroll with Delta Public Adjuster School?”
Delta Public Adjuster School is in business to prepare you to pass your state license examination. Our passing rate is unrivaled.

An ILLINOIS PUBLIC ADJUSTER LICENSE is most efficiently obtained by taking a classroom-based course, rather than an online or textbook self-study course. Why? Because Delta Public Adjuster School’s course will teach you the topics that ARE on the exam, and won’t waste your time covering topics that are not on the exam.

Are classroom-based courses more effective than online courses?
A recent study in the United States found that students in traditional classes performed significantly better than students in online courses.

University professors, high school teachers and other instructors will tell you that classroom courses produce better “learning outcomes” than online self-study study. This is especially true for the exam you must pass to get your Illinois Public Adjuster License, which requires REAL KNOWLEDGE – the kind you get from a live, interactive, and enjoyable classroom experience.

Why should you get an Illinois Public Adjuster license?
Answer: If you do storm-damage, fire-damage, or other insurance work, you know the hassles and frustrations of dealing with insurance company adjusters. The delays. The estimates. The approvals. And the homeowners who keep the claim checks and don’t pay you. You, the contractor, are left out in the COLD. AREN’T YOU SICK AND TIRED OF NOT GETTING PAID?

A public adjuster represents the policyholder during the adjustment of insurance claims. As a licensed Illinois Public Adjuster, you are the policyholder’s advocate; you negotiate for the policyholder, directly with the insurance company’s adjuster. You make sure that the policyholder does not get short-changed by the insurance company.

When you hold an Illinois Public Adjuster license, you and the policyholder for property located within Illiois enter into a contract that puts YOU in control of the work. During the entire claims adjustment process, the insurance company adjuster must communicate directly with YOU in regards to all claim settlement matters. Also… Your contract with the property owner can require the insurance company to ADD YOUR NAME TO THE CLAIM CHECKS. In the event that a homeowner receives the claim check, they must BY LAW pay your share to you within 30 days.

Who can apply for an Illinois Public Adjuster License?
Answer: In Illinois, you can apply to become a public adjuster if you are over 18 years old. To get your license, you must do four things:
  ●  Submit an application to the Illinois Department of Insurance along with a $250 fee
  ●  Obtain a $20,000 surety bond
  ●  Get fingerprinted
  ●  Pass a TOUGH 100-question exam.

The first three things are easy.
Passing the exam is the only hard part of obtaining your license.
Delta Public Adjuster School gives you the FASTEST way to pass the exam, with a PROVEN 4-day, classroom-based course. You can buy a cheap online self-study course, but experience shows that online courses require extraordinary discipline, take more time to learn the material, and do NOT provide the same success as a classroom course.

Delta Public Adjuster School’s instructor, who has over 30 years’ of property-casualty insurance experience, has helped more people pass the Illinois Public Adjuster exam than anyone else.
For people who speak English as a second language, or for those who are new to claims work: Even if you know NOTHING about claims adjusting or insurance, and even if English is not your first language, Delta’s way of presenting the material to you will give you the skills, and the knowledge, to PASS THE EXAM.

If you do storm damage repair, why is it a good idea to obtain an Illinois Public Adjuster license IN ADDITION to your contractor’s licenses?

Answer: Attorney General of Illinois Lisa Madigan has filed lawsuits seeking damages and revocation of licenses against home repair contractors for operating as unlicensed insurance adjusters -- stating that these companies “were not licensed as Public Adjusters to negotiate damages with homeowners’ insurance companies. “

Where do I sign up for the state exam? Answer: Call Pearson Vue at 800-274-0402, or sign up online at

What is the deadline for signing up for the state exam? Answer: 24 hours prior to the chosen exam date. You can select any date at any location as long as seats are available.

Where are the exams given? At any Pearson location throughout the US: three locations in the Chicago area: Downtown; Schaumberg; Oakbrook Center

How much does it cost to take the state exam? Answer: $102.00

How much study time is required outside of class time? Answer: Depending on the person, a maximum of one to two hours each day after class, plus another hour of review on the day of or before the exam.

What is your instructor’s passing rate? Over 90%, with more than 300 participants since early 2012.
What documents are required to become licensed as an Illinois Public Adjuster?

Answer: To become licensed as a Public Adjuster in Illinois, you need to present FOUR THINGS to the Illinois Department of Insurance along with your $250 application fee: an official exam-pass document from Pearson, a fingerprint verification document from Live Scan, a $20,000 surety bond, and a “John Doe” version of your proposed Public Adjuster contract.

During the four-day Delta Public Adjuster School’s Illinois Public Adjuster license exam course, we can help you get all four of these required documents.

In addition to passing the state exam, what are the requirements to obtain an Illinois Public Adjuster license from the Department of Insurance?

Answer: A surety bond, fingerprints, and an approved Public Adjuster contract. Testimonial Oct 2013

“I bought other material, two books and access to 100 online test, I have to be honest It was a waste of time , The manual has like 15 chapters all kind of policies like, farmers, dwelling, auto, contractor , commercial vehicles , I studied like crazy and when I took the test felt that I did not know nothing , the result was I failed.

I have to say that your material is awesome, you know where to focus and it is really easy to understand, you highlight points that are really important for the test and your examples and exercise are really helpful to catch and understand what is important to the test. The example test and the Final test are awesome, really helpful and It look like the real test.”

Class Location

Next classes:
January 25th-29th -SOLD OUT
 Next Class March 1st to the 4th
✦ Final Registration Feburary 24th

🌟 Self Study Option Available
     Call for more info

1423 Centre Circle
Suite 3,
Downers Grove, IL 60515


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habla espanol 630-930-0326

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