Mr. Beard is the only instructor in the United States who has helped more than 300 people pass their Illinois Public Adjuster license exam — over 90 % of them on the first try!

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December 7th-10th

This course is designed specifically to help you pass your Illinois Public Adjuster License Exam.

To cover the four principal areas that you are tested on, the course text includes details on the FOUR C’s: Illinois legal code, insurance concepts, policy coverages, and construction terminology. Mastery of these fundamentals helps you to better determine and understand the context of the exam questions.

Whether you are new in the business of insurance or not, it is important for all exam-takers to carefully review and understand the Delta Public Adjuster School materials.

Description of Delta Public Adjuster School’s course.
Matching a lively presentation with specially-designed materials, Delta’s four-day Illinois Public Adjuster License Exam course gives you the knowledge and skills you need to pass the Illinois Public Adjuster License exam. Each day runs from 8am to 4pm, with a one-hour lunch plus short morning and afternoon breaks. On the final day of the course, a practice exam is given and then graded on the spot. You get immediate feedback!

A Public Adjuster offers a WIN WIN WIN scenario! To negotiate an Illinois property owner’s damage claim with an insurance company, you must either be an attorney, the policyholder, or a licensed Illinois Public Adjuster. If you are a contractor without a Public Adjuster license, the insurer company is not obligated to negotiate with you; their contract is with the property owner only.

Once you have your Illinois Public Adjuster license, and have your Public Adjuster contract signed with the property owner, you can help all parties to WIN:

You help the property owner WIN by negotiating a more fair and complete settlement of the claim. How do you do this? As a roofing and insurance professional, you will often find code upgrades missing from the insurer’s settlement offer. You may also discover more storm-related damage that the insurer did. You can assist the owner in presenting a more thorough estimate to the insurance company. Your construction knowledge, insurance expertise, negotiating skill, and overall professionalism as an Illinois Public Adjuster will be combined to bring about a much better outcome for the property owner.

You help yourself WIN financially by helping the property owner. Besides your Illinois Public Adjuster fees, you will also feel satisfied that you truly helped the property owner to get a proper claim settlement. You will feel good about the work you are doing.

An Illlinois Public Adjuster is an insurance professional who is well trained in homeowner’s policies and other insurance concepts. When a Public Adjuster is working on a claim, there is much less chance for the homeowner to feel bullied, cheated, or pressured by the insurance company. Claims will be settled more fairly and completely. As a result, there will be far fewer complaints to the Insurance Department.

And yes, you even help the insurer WIN. How? You make the insurer look better in the end by closely monitoring its behavior. You will force, if necessary, a higher claim payout in order to get a truly fair settlement. That type of claim payout may improve the insurer’s image in the eyes of the policyholder, and may reflect well upon the insurer’s brand. And if the insurer were to pay out a little more as a result, future rates would undoubtedly be increased to compensate. An Illinois Public Adjuster adds value. The professional Public Adjuster can truly bring a WIN-WIN-Win scenario!

Become a Public Adjuster today.

Getting a license is EASY once you have passed the licensing exam. The exam is the only tough part. Delta Public Adjuster School’s Illinois Public Adjuster License exam course is designed PRECISELY to help you pass the test the first time. Classes are held regularly at a convenient Chicagoland location.

Class Location

Next classes:
December 7th-10th

1423 Centre Circle
Suite 3,
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Phone: 630-200-3553
habla espanol 630-930-0326

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